Lace Front Besthairbuy Wigs- How to wear and care for them


One of the most popular wigs today are the lace front wigs. These wigs make you look effortlessly stylish and are easy to wear and remove.

I have collaborated with besthairbuy to create this guide just for you. Now you too can have your very own lace wig to fix those ‘bad hair’ days. You can visit Besthairbuy here:


Let’s look at how to wear a lace front wig:

Hair preparation:

  • Make sure your hair is clean, dry and tangle free.
  • Use rubbing alcohol along your hairline to blot out any oil.
  • If you have long hair, braid it and wrap it around on the top of your head, to create a flat surface. Corn rows work well too.
  • Apply a scalp protecting serum, especially if you have sensitive skin or you are trying a new wig glue for the first time.
  • Allow the serum to dry completely.

Application technique:

  • Before applying any adhesive on your scalp, test the wig. Place it on your head and see if it feels too tight or too loose. Adjust the straps accordingly.
  • Some wigs come with additional lace at the hairline, you will need to trim this off with pinking sheers.
  • Now, apply liquid adhesive, using a brush, along your natural hairline.
  • Allow the glue to dry enough so that it becomes tacky but not completely dry.
  • Alternatively, you can use double sided tape, if you are wearing the wig for a short duration. Just place several small pieces of tape along your natural hairline. Ensure that all the pieces touch each other end to end to create one continuous line.
  • Now, carefully align your wig with your natural hairline.
  • Once you are sure the alignment is right, press the wig into the adhesive/tape.
  • Then continue pressing the wig into place, moving all the way to the back of your head.
  • Style your hair as desired.


Caring for your wig:

  • Handle the wig carefully, do not tug at the lace.
  • Use adhesive remover or baby oil to remove the wig.
  • Wash the wig regularly.
  • Store the wig on a wig stand when not in use.

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Wigs Guide- How to Wear BestHairBuy Wigs


Besthairbuy Do you love to play around with different hair styles, but hate damaging your hair? Or maybe some days you feel like having long hair and other days you feel like having short hair?

Well, if you are the kinda gal who loves to experiment with her tresses, you should consider a wig. I have collaborated with Besthairbuy to create this guide to wigs, just for you. You can visit besthairbuy here:



Here are my top reasons to wear a wig, no matter what the season or occassion:

  • Flexibility: Wear a short wig today, wear a long one tomorrow. You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow in order to try out long hairstyles.
  • Easy styling: It’s hard to see the back of your head when you style your own hair, with a wig, you get a complete view of your look.
  • Prevent hair damage: Styling tools like straighteners and curlers can seriously damage your hair. So save your hair from damage and style your wig to your heart’s content.
  • Get ready in minutes: Just pop on your wig and your hair is all set for the day.
  • Color choices: Instead of constantly bleaching your hair and struggling to find the color that looks great on you, jist try on wigs of varying colors till you find the one that makes you happy.

Now that I got you thinking about giving wigs a shot, let’s see how to select a wig. First things first, you need to understand the wig lingo. There are certain terms in the world of wigs, that you need to know about.

Wig Cap Terminology:

  • Extended Nape: An added extension sewn to the bottom of the wig cap base just below the Velcro sizing adjustments.
  • Flexible, Open Ear Tabs: A soft inner wire that allows ear tabs to adjust and contour to the face at your temple.
  • Hand-tied Hairlines: Intricate hand-stitching of individual fibers at the front and side hairline that gives the look of a more natural appearance.


  • Inside Wefting: An economical alternative to a hand-tied hairline. This machine-sewn fiber weft softens the wigs front and side hairlines.
  • Stretch Ribbon Lace: The foundation frame of a wig cap with added stretch and security.
  • Total Capless Construction: Open wefted base all over cap, with no closed fabric sections on the cap.
  • Velcro Sizing Adjustments: Velcro tabs (one on each side) that allow you to adjust your wig up to 1″ larger or smaller for a comfortable fit.
  • Soft Flex Combs: Tiny, flexible, weightless combs for added security.
  • Lace Front: A natural growth, low-density hairline is achieved with this 1½” virtually sheer lace front.
  • Soft Stretch Ear Tabs: Soft, expandable fabric attached to the ear tab, resulting in a contoured custom fit.
  • Soft Stretch Hairline: A lighter, cooler front hairline with moderate, soft stretch.
  • Soft Stretch Sides: A special fabric that eases tension between the ear and nape.
  • Soft Weave Wefting: A cooler cap design that provides more air flow to your scalp.

Now that you are more aware of wigs and their construction, let’s look at what you should look for when selecting a wig:

  • Head size: Using a measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head starting from the crown and going just behind the ears and back to the crown. Next, measure from the crown of your head, across the top and down to the back of your neck. There are three categories for women’s head sizes: Petite, average and large.
  • Fiber Type: Depending on what kind of look you are going for, you have a good selection to choose from.

Human hair: This looks closer to your natural hair and requires a lot of maintainence.

Synthetic Fibres: They look less natural but are much easier to maintain.

Heat friendly Fibres: These look less natural. However, they are specially treated fibres that can withstand the heat from styling tools and so they last longer.


With these tips in mind, you are ready to get the perfect wig for you. Have fun trying on new hairstyles, without damaging your own hair.

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Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Review

Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Review


Hello ladies! I got this sample of Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream at my local mall during my recent shopping spree. I have heard that it ‘works miracles’ for dry skin. I decided to give the sample a try and see the ‘miracle’ first hand.

About the Brand:

ZA (pronounced as zi:ei) is a skin care range by Shiseido. It’s a high-end, anti-aging skincare line formulated with a larger concentration of natural ingredients such as plant seed extracts and marine collagen to give your skin a youthful resilience and a silky glow.

Core Ingredients :

  • Vitamin A Plamitate
  • Bio-Hyaluronic acid
  • Marine Elastin
  • Yuzu Seed Extract
  • Apricot Extract
  • Honey Extract
  • APM (Vitamin C derivative)
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

The complete list of ingredients can be found on their website.

The Science:

  • The cream contains vitamin A plamitate, which is the main anti-ageing agent present in the cream. It is milder on skin than Retinol. Plamitate has exfoliating properties and  produces extra collagen.
  • Another major ingredient is bio-hyaluronic acid. This helps in restoring moisture into the skin making it plump reducing wrinkles.
  • APM (a vitamin C derivative) is another skin restorative ingredient. It is a great anti oxidant which helps in fighting the free radicals and reversing the sun damage.


  • Glossy maroon-pink tub. (medium sized)
  • Spatula to scoop out the product from the tub. (small)

Recommended Skin Type:

Normal to extremely dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test, as the product is scented and this may irritate your skin depending on its level of sensitivity.

First Impressions:

Fragrance: Mild Floral scent. Does not irritate the nose.

Texture: Light and silky. Not very greasy.

Color: Off white.

Rate of Absorption: It gets absorbed instantly leaving behind a very light residue. The cream spreads easily.

Sample Pack

Effects on My Skin:

  • The tiny smile lines around my mouth were less visible.
  • Smoother and softer skin.
  • Scars from pimples have begun to fade.
  • Wrinkles around eyes have begun to fade.

Recommended Time for Usage:

Night time is the best time to use this cream as it has plenty of time to work on your skin. During the day you can apply it like a spot treatment for very dry patches of skin.

Directions for Use:

  • Cleanse face thoroughly.
  • Use toner. (Optional)
  • Apply Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream.


  • Excellent in hydration.
  • Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles,
  • Skin obtains a subtle glow and looks clearer.
  • Comes with a spatula.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Absorbs easily.
  • Non greasy.
  • Value for money.


  • Retinol is generally unsafe for pregnant women as it gets absorbed in the blood stream and may harm the baby. Avoid using this product if you are pregnant.
  •  Retinol increases sensitivity towards sun.
  • Retinol may cause thinning of skin.
  • If you have combination skin, it may cause the oily parts to become a little greasier.

Vin’s Verdict:

It’s a great night cream and I love how it is fading my pimple scars. I have very few fine lines around my mouth and at the corner of my eyes, so I can say for sure that it works on fine lines in the beginning stages. I do not know how it works on mature skin.

Lipstick Guide- Get the Perfect Pout

lipstick Lipstick is a staple in every woman’s bag. However, it does not last as long as you would like it to. You have to keep re-applying it.  I have collaborated with to bring you this “Lipstick Guide”.

We are a professional cosmetics wholesale company and the agent for many popular brands of cosmetics such as Dior, Kylie and more. We ship globally.
Believe it or not ladies, there is a procedure that is to be followed for the perfect  pout. Only makeup artists know this procedure, but now, so will you.

Lipstick Application to Seal the Color in:

1) Apply concealer or foundation to your lips with your fingers or brush.  This acts as a primer.( You could also use a lip balm before the concealer/ foundation if you have dry lips.)

2) Line lips with a lip liner to prevent color bleeding. Now fill in your lips with the liner, then blot the excess with a tissue.

3) Apply one layer of  lipstick, blot with a tissue, then apply a second coat of lipstick.

4)For a matte finish, apply a light dusting of powder after blotting each layer.

5) Apply the second layer and blot the excess.

6) Apply gloss for a shiny finish.(optional)

If you follow these simple steps, you will have lovely lips all day.


To take your makeup game to an even higher level, here are some handy lip care tips:

Vin’s Advice

1)Use good quality makeup. This will last longer and prevent allergic reactions. This is why super models use only the best makeup.

2)A handy tip is to make sure that you ex-foliate your lips often. This can be done by lightly brushing your lips with a toothbrush. You could incorporate this regime every time you brush your teeth.

3)Also keep your lips well moisturized. This creates a smooth surface for you to apply lipstick on.

4) If you want a sophisticated look, apply a dot of illuminating powder in the center of your lower lip.

5) For an evening look, apply a small amount of illuminating powder above your Cupid’s bow to highlight your pout.

6) You may also use the tip of your lipstick to outline your lips and then fill them. Remember not to use the tip to fill the lips or it will become blunt.

7) Use a lip brush to get a more professional look.


 Every woman has that one shade of lipstick she absolutely adores. Tell me about your favorite lipstick in the comments below.

Spring Trends Styling Guide 2017


The Spring 2017 ramp was ablaze with beach inspired outfits.  I have collaborated with to bring you this guide so that you can stay on top of the trends. FashionMia has a fantastic collection of Dresses for women, visit them to see for yourself.

Beach Stripes


Stripes inspired by beach towels and beach umbrellas. This means brights colors and several variations of stripes. You can try a pattern block, as seen in the picture above. The rule of thumb to remember here is:

  • If you are skinny: Wear horizontal stripes.
  • If you are plus sized: Wear vertical stripes
  • If you are moderate: Wear diagonal stripes.

Yellow Hues


Yellow is the color of the season. Take your pick from the various hues of yellow available in stores. You can mix and match other colors with your yellow clothing or just go monochrome. Try pairing a yellow dress with a string of pearls as seen in the picture above. Here’s a simple trick to help you pick the right shade:

  • If you have pale skin: Opt for pastel shades of yellow.
  • If you have tanned skin: Opt for deeper shades of yellow.



How do you give office wear a casual vibe? Take a cue from the hottest designs on the ramp of course!  I love this fun playsuit that takes the ‘work’ out of pinstripes and says ‘I’m in the mood for fun!’. Wear this to a barbecue or for a day out with the girls. This trend is only for bulkier body types. If you are skinny, pinstripes will not help.



The dress in the picture above is perfect for a spring cocktail party. The one-shoulder style is best for women with well toned arms. So the rectangle body type or the pear body type can carry this look off with ease.

FashionMia is having a sale on Black Skater Dresses , these are perfect for welcoming the spring season.

I am sure that this guide will help you pick the right spring trend for your body type. Let me know in the comments below which trend you tried out.

Minimalist-Bridal Trend 2017

This season’s bridal fashion week put a spotlight on the bride’s beauty. Sometimes all the frills and bows can end up overshadowing the bride on her big day. So take a cue from the ramp and go the minimalist route. All the attention must be on you, so be sure to pick your accessories wisely.

I have collaborated with to bring you this bridal trend styling guide. has an amazing collection of bridal gowns at the lowest rates. You can view more of their collection here günstige schwarze ballkleider 

If you need some inspiration for a minimalist bridal gown, check out this gorgeous dress:

sommer auch alle größen trompete / meerjungfrau gericht pick - ups elegante und luxuriöse garten / outdoor - hochzeitskleid new south, minimalist

How to make the trend work for you:

  • Select luxurious materials.
  • Ensure that the fit of the dress is perfect, visit the tailor as many times as you need to.
  • Select a single piece of statement jewelry. This could be a necklace with plenty of precious or semi-precious gems or a pair of chandelier earrings. You could even wear a brooch that is a family heirloom and has been passed down through generations. You can wear jewelry with multicolored stones. Just make sure that the jewelry enhances your beauty and does not overshadow it.
  • Your shoes can add a bit of sparkle, so go for glittery or jeweled heels. If you prefer ballet flats, be sure to opt for one with good quality fabric.
  • The veil can be a simple, long netted piece or it can be a shorter piece.
  • You can wear gloves to add a more regal vibe.

I hope that this post helped you to pick out your perfect wedding gown. Let me know in the comments how you styled your minimalist wedding gown. If you have any other queries related to wedding attire, you can ask me in the comments below.


Short Wedding Dress – Bridal Trend 2017

Short wedding dress.If you are the type of bride who prefers ease of movement to the fairytale effect, this is certainly the trend for you. Short wedding dresses have become very popular with the modern day bride. This style of wedding dress is versatile and beats the traditional gown.

I have collaborated with to show you some of the best examples of short wedding gowns.

short wedding dress

This beautiful piece has a vintage vibe. The black sash with the black rose is the perfect amount of contrast and lends beauty to the dress. The long sleeves add a touch of sophistication. You can pair the dress with a statement necklace with onyx stones set within the piece. Since the legs are the highlight when it comes to short wedding dresses, be sure to pick an eye catching pair of heels that complement your outfit.

short wedding dress

This lovely dress is inspired by Greek culture with its draped style. If you want to take this modern looking dress to the next level, pair it with over the knee boots. Yes that is right, boots. This seasons Bridal Fashion Week had models in short wedding dresses and over the knee boots. A very interesting new way of styling the modern day bride.


This lovely dress has the prettiest neckline. The appliqués on the dress create a regal feeling. You can pair this with jeweled heels and a matching bracelet.

These are just my handpicked top styles for the short wedding dress. You can see a lot more at cheap prom dresses. Also be sure to visit  prom dresses. They have a vast collection of the prettiest prom and wedding dresses for you to choose from. You will definitely find the one that you need here.

I would love to know what your favorite style of wedding dress is. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.