Crop Top – Bridal Fashion Trend 2017

The crop top trend is for the creative bride who loves to mix and match to create a customized wedding gown. Pick the top from one set and match it with the bottom from another set to create the dress of your dreams. You could always go with the ready made sets, but what is the fun in that, right?

I have collaborated with to show you some of the best examples of crop top wedding gowns.

crop top

This gown combines an intricately designed lace top with a simple chiffon skirt draped at the waist and slit along the thigh for ease of movement. This way, the highlight of the dress is the crop top. Some silk gloves will go well with this dress.  A long flowing veil will add the perfect touch to this already beautiful ensemble.

crop top

This wedding dresses combines a full sleeved lace top and a high-low tulle skirt. If you are the type of girl who always dreamed of looking like a princess on your special day, this is the dress for you. Pair it with a statement choker. Maybe even wear a bracelet on top of the sleeves. The possibilities are endless.

crop top

This gown will certainly make you sparkle on your special day. The dress has a top with gemstones woven within the fabric. The skirt is plain and simple with a small train at the back, but to make it look like one outfit, the skirt has a belt like design at the waist.

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I would love to know what your favorite style of wedding dress is. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Yellow – Bridal Fashion Trend 2017

This bridal season is about breaking traditions. Well with the clothing anyway. If you want to creating a truly lasting impression on the groom and the guests, dazzle them all with a yellow gown.

I have collaborated with to show you some of the best examples of yellow wedding gowns.
yellowThis simple yet elegant gown creates a daffodil effect at the bottom with a double layered skirt. It is perfect for the bride who is minimalistic and does not prefer extravagant frilly details. Pair it with lovely yellow veil and carry a red rose bouquet with you. You could even pair it with silk or lace gloves in a yellow hue.


This is the yellow version of the classic lace wedding gown. It has all the same appeal of a classic wedding gown but with a fresh new twist. Try a shorter, modern veil and pair it with long earrings in gold. Emerald jewelry will look striking against the yellow shade of this gown.

yellowThis gown is perfect for the bride who likes to show off her back. Try to wear a back necklace, that is a chain that cascades down the back rather than the front. Opt for a short or medium veil length. An updo will go well with this gown. Then wear long chandelier style earrings. A necklace is not needed, but you can go for a choker if you really want to wear a necklace.

These are just my handpicked top styles for yellow wedding dresses. You can see a lot more at cheap prom dresses. Also be sure to visit prom dresses. They have a vast collection of the prettiest prom and wedding dresses for you to choose from. You will definitely find the one that you need here.

I would love to know what your favorite style of wedding dress is. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women


If you are a new mom-to-be you must be super excited! It is said that a pregnant woman has a natural glow, which enhances her beauty. However, there are some beauty tips that you can use to stay gorgeous and healthy during this special time.

I have collaborated with Check Pregnancy to create this guide with handy beauty tips for pregnant women. Let’s get started.

1. Drink Water for Two:

Water will help in filtering and washing out all the toxins from your body. It helps in maintaining the right amount of amniotic fluid in your body. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

 2. Right Food:

You need to be extra cautious on what you are eating and how healthy it is during pregnancy. Usually your doctor will provide a diet chart, including a list of food groups from the food pyramid that you need to concentrate on. Follow that chart religiously as it is important for the growth of your baby.

3. Sleep:

Proper rest is very important, because that’s when your body and mind rejuvenates itself. Make sure you catch enough sleep to reduce fatigue. Keep your posture right. You might want to use a maternity cushion or something equally comfortable while you sleep.

4. Weight Watch:

Do not take this as a chance to binge. While it is natural to gain weight during pregnancy, it is not healthy to gain it in a wrong way. Avoid eating junk food. Always stick to the diet prescribed by your doctor.

 5. Exercise:

There are certain exercises that are recommended for pregnant women. You can join maternity yoga classes that are designed especially for prenatal. These exercises are said to help with the labour and make it easier for you. If you absolutely love sports and need to remain active, consult your doctor and get guidance on gentle sports you can indulge in.


6. Skin Care:

Beauty care during pregnancy includes skin care regimes after regular intervals. Due to changes in hormones, there might be certain minor skin damages. You can use skin care products according to your skin type, but make sure the ingredients don’t list harmful chemicals. When in doubt consult your physician.

Avoid Stretch Marks:

Some new moms consider stretch marks to be special, but most hate them. Use a stretch mark cream that has been prescribed by your doctor. If you want to go the natural route, you can apply aloe vera gel or a rich moisturizer containing cocoa butter to help skin stay supple. on the stretch marks. Use it on a daily basis and gently massage your belly. Avoid running, bumping or knocking to prevent these marks. You can also keep them to a minimum by watching your weight.

If you liked these beauty tips, be sure to check out more posts at checkpregnancy

Share your favorite pregnancy beauty tips in the comments below.





Offshoulder- Bridal Fashion Trend 2017

offshoulder wedding gowns bedazzled the crowd at Bridal Fashion Week 2017. This style is great for ladies with toned arms and slim,long necks. It’s also a great option if you are the kind of gal who chooses your jewelry before your clothes. This style allows you to show off a heavily designed necklace or choker which is a popular choice among brides. Remember, with this style of dress, the necklace is key, so choose wisely.

I have collaborated with to show you examples of the best offshoulder wedding gowns for your fall wedding.


This gorgeous piece has leafy appliqués that are delicately wrapped all around the dress. It creates a princess like aura and is perfect for the bride who has been dreaming of her special day ever since she was a little girl.


This beautiful dress has a lace detail that runs along the leg to create an elegant effect. This draped style is suitable for the rectangle body type. It can be accessorized with bracelets and long earrings.


This dreamy piece looks like it came straight out of a fairy-tail. All that is missing are the birds to hold the train of the gown. The overall effect of this dress is that of a fairytale wedding. A heavy necklace with a single bold gem in the center would go well with this dress.

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I would love to know what your favorite style of offshoulder dress is. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Plunging Neckline- Bridal Fashion Trend 2017

Plunging neckline Plunging Necklines ruled the catwalk during the Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2017. This trend is perfect for women with a pear figure as it will draw attention upwards and away from your hips and thighs. Be sure to go for a dress with plenty of sequins, bead work and other detailing along the neckline to create a truly glamorous effect.

I have collaborated with to show you examples of the best plunging neckline wedding gowns for your fall wedding.

plunging neckline

This lovely piece plunges upto the belt, so if you have toned abs, this is the perfect style for you. The belt helps to make the dress look more put together. The appliqué detailing on this dress gives the appearance of actual flowers cascading down the gown. The sheer top gives the feeling of a blanket of flowers hugging you.

plunging necklineIf you are not comfortable with showing skin, but still want the effect of a plunging neckline, this is the perfect style for you. The sheer fabric panel provides modesty while giving you the desired effect. This gown has a woven texture which gives a more rustic feeling. It is perfect if you do not want the traditional floral look.

plunging necline

This pretty dress has full sleeves. If you like a more modern approach to wedding gowns, this is the piece for you. Be sure to accessorise to really bring out the beauty of this gown. Look for jeweled accessories with multi-colored stones.

These are just the top three varieties that you can go for when it comes to plunging necklines. If you want to see more, be sure to visit they also offer prom dresses under 100 . They have the prettiest prom dresses .

I would love to know which plunging neckline wedding gown style is your favorite. Share your opinion with me in the comments below.


Golden Sequins Dress- Clothing Review

Golden sequins dress

Golden Hello Ladies! I got this absolutely gorgeous dress from I want to thank them for this gorgeous dress. You can visit them here:

Name of dress on website: Golden Sequins Party Dress with half sleeves

Material: Satin with sequins detailing.

Quality: The dress has been well stitched with good quality fabric. The sequins seems to be securely attached.

Color: Gold and Silver.

Style: Deep back with a zipper. Short and half sleeved dress.

Occasion: Ideal for parties.

Vin’s Styling Advice

  • This dress is perfect for parties. The sequins glitters in the light and will definitely turn heads. When it is very cold outside, you can pair this dress with black leggings and a jacket.
  • To make a bold statement pair this dress with red heels and red lipstick.
  • If you want to tone down the glitter, pair it with a plain or printed pullover and boots.
  • For a more formal look, try a tailored blazer.


Since the dress is so glittery, you can keep the makeup subtle, for an elegant look.

However, if loud and bold is more your style, try golden glitter eye shadow to match the golden sequins on this dress.

If you want to highlight your lips instead, a deep red lipstick should do the trick. (When has red lipstick ever failed?)


  • For a formal look, and slick tied back updo should do the trick. A stylish bob will work too.
  • For a bold statement, try streaks in red or purple.
  • For a romantic/soft look, try curling your hair loosely or in the form of ringlets.

Overall, I love the combination of stripes on this dress, it creates a lovely textured effect. This is definitely going to be my go to dress for any upcoming parties with friends. What do you think of this dress?

If you want to see more amazing clothing from, you can visit them here:


Wigs to Flatter Your Face Shape and Make You Shine


Hello ladies! Have you ever gotten bored of the same old hairstyle and wanted a change? The problem is, you don’t want to commit to the new hairdo because you change your mind easily, right? Well why not try  wigs? They are a great way to try out new hairstyles, without sacrificing your natural hair. I have collaborated with to bring you this style guide which will help you pick wigs that flatter your face shape. You can visit here:

You need to consider the shape of your face when selecting wigs. Faces are broadly categorized as:


Your face is balanced and proportional, you can wear almost any style.  You look best in styles that are off the face, accentuating your face shape. So make sure that your hair is pushed back in a chic ponytail or a stylish updo.

Avoid:  Styles with heavy bangs as this may add weight to your face.


You need to make your face appear longer and more narrow. You can wear short styles that have a swept back direction or styles that are longer than chin length.   Choose styles that have layers at the top and styles where the rest of the hairpiece is relatively close to the face. Look for off-center parts.

Avoid:   Chin length hair, center parts, very short cropped styles and fullness at the sides of the ears. These add fullness at the widest part of your face, making it appear wider.


You need to choose styles that add weight in the back nape area. By doing so, you will achieve balance between your pronounced cheekbones and narrow chin. Longer styles, side parted styles and wispy bangs suit you best.  A chin length bob creates a balanced look by giving fullness where you need it.  You can wear shorter styles.

Avoid:  Short, full styles with tapered necklines. This will emphasize the upper face and make you look top-heavy.



You need to soften the square look of your face. Height at the crown will elongate your symmetrical shape.  Styles with curl or wave will balance your straight, symmetrical facial features. Choose short to medium length styles.  Look for wispy bangs, off-center parts to add height at the crown. Layers and wispy looks are your best friends.

Avoid:  Straight bangs with linear lines, center parts, styles that are long and straight.  Avoid straight bobs that end at the jaw line.


If you are a dramatic diamond shape and desire a short style, choose styles that have weight in the nape area.  This will achieve balance between your dramatic cheekbones and delicate chin.

Avoid:  You can wear almost anything. Just avoid layers and bangs as this will hide your perfect features.


You need to add softness to the straight lines of your face. Go for styles that are short or medium length, shoulder length or shorter and layers.  Look for side parts, to minimize the geometric shape.  Soft wispy bangs will shorten the appearance of length.  Fullness at the sides will add width to the look of your face.

Avoid: Long styles will make your face look even longer.  Too much height at the crown will lengthen your face.  Avoid center parts.


Look for hairstyles that create width at your forehead and temples, giving the illusion of an oval face.  They will draw attention to the upper part of your face.  Hair should be styled close to the head on the sides and at the nape, to minimize width at the jawline.

Avoid:  Full, long styles that emphasize the jawline.

If you want to see some great wigs at affordable rates, be sure to visit Cocowigs at: cheap African American wigs and discount wigs for women

Bridal Bouquet to Make Your Wedding Perfect

Bridal Bouquet

Hello ladies! I’m sure all the lovely brides out there are fussing over what dress to wear and what shoes to pair with it. Well there is another very important accessory that you need to pay attention to and that is your bouquet. Just like your dress and shoes, the bridal bouquet is an important part of your wedding ensemble. To help you make the right choice for your bridal bouquet, I have collaborated with AmodaBridal, you can visit their website here:

When it comes to bridal bouquets, there is a wide variety to choose from. This is no simple matter. here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Type of Flowers

The most popular choices for bridal bouquets are:

  • Rose
  • Tulip
  • Calla Lily
  • Lily of the valley
  • Hydrangeas
  • Peony
  • Ranunculus
  • Stephanotis
  • Sweetpea
  • Gardania

Fresh or Faux

Nothing can beat the beauty of a traditional fresh bouquet of flowers. The only problem is preserving them after the wedding. Artificial flowers maybe a better option, this is because they last long after the wedding and no plants need to be hurt to make them.

bridal bouquet

Bouquet Style

Whether you choose fresh flowers or artificial ones, the next step is to decide on the type. Here are some of the types you can choose from:

  • Cascade– This bouquet creates the impression of a waterfall of flowers.
  • Posy– These are small and easy to carry, they feature mostly flowers.
  • Round– These bouquets are like domes consisting of one variety of flower.
  • Nosegay– These bouquets focus more on greenery.
  • Pomander– These are perfect spheres of flowers with a ribbon attached so that it can be carried.
  • Composite– In this kind of bouquet, individual petals of a flower are arranged to give the appearance of a large blossom.

Vin’s pro tips:

  • Choose your bouquet after you have chosen your dress. This will help you color co-ordinate.
  • If your skirt is the highlight of your dress, make sure your bouquet is simple.
  • Your bouquet should not hide your waist when you hold it in front of you.
  • Opt for seasonal flowers. This way there will be no disappointment.
  • Personalize your bouquet by adding an item of sentimental value to it, maybe a sash that is a family heirloom or something along those lines.

That’s everything you need to know about bridal bouquets. If you are looking for the perfect wedding gown or bridal accessories, be sure to check out Amodabridal: wedding dresses Austrlia and cheap wedding dresses online

How to preserve winter wear the right way

Winter wear

Winter wear Hello Ladies! The winter season will be ending soon and soon you will have to put away all your lovely jackets and coats. So I decided to list a few pointers to help you preserve your favorite winter clothing. This post is sponsored by StyleWe.

What StyleWe has to say:

Rather than just an online shopping store, we like to create a community which is shared by both designers and customers. The community will enable all parties to communicate,share ideas and recognize each other. It will not only provide instant feedback to designers who launch new concepts or products, but will also allow customers to share their shopping experience and fashion dreams.

Let’s get down to the matter at hand, preserving winter wear.

  • Clean everything, including the clothes that look ‘clean’. Moth larvae, carpet beetles, and silverfish feed on the natural fabrics in your clothes, causing small holes or shreds. They’re most attracted to clothes that have stains—food, perspiration, and other similar stains—so make sure everything that’s fit for storage has been cleaned. Even if you can’t see any stains, it’s possible that lingering oil spots will oxidize and become noticeable (and permanent), so keep that in mind when deciding what needs washing. Take care not to use starch or fabric softener, as they tend to attract insects more.
    If you think insects have already infiltrated the clothes, high temperatures (as with dry cleaning) will kill the bugs. Freezing also does the trick; Try putting clothes in freezer bags and removing the air completely, placing them in a freezer for forty-eight hours, taking them out to defrost for twenty-four, and putting them back in for another forty-eight hours to kill any lingering insects. Whatever you do, don’t put winter clothes in storage areas that are bug infested or dirty.

winter wear

  • If your winter wear is a wool blend or a wool-like fabric, start with a lint roller or brush. Wool picks up particles that these items can easily remove, such as human or pet hair and lint. Just roll the lint roller over the fabric or brush it with the lint brush. If you don’t have either one of these tools, create a loop with some tape, keeping the sticky side out. Make the loop large enough to wrap around your hand loosely. You can then pick up particles and hair on coats by rolling the tape along the fabric with your hand.

winter wear

  • Remove loose threads on your winter wear. Cutting these excess threads will help to minimize the lint that your coat picks up as well. Use a clothes shaver, which trims fuzz and lint from fabric, to remove loose threads and those hard-to-reach hair and lint particles from your pea coat or cashmere coat, especially when it has begun piling.

winter wear

  • Cut the costs of dry-cleaning, which many winter coats require. To avoid those high-priced dry cleaning bills, you can purchase a dry-cleaning kit. These are very easy and convenient. Using the kit takes less time than washing a load of clothes. First, spot treat any visible stains on the coat with the included spot-treating solution. Next, place your coat and one of the towelettes in one of the bags included in the kit. Put it in the dryer and set the dryer to medium or high heat for about 30 minutes. Promptly remove the coat and hang it or lay it flat to dry, as it will be a little moist from the solution on the towelette.

winter wear

  • Find an optimal storage area. While attics, basements, and garages are good places to store old toys and books, they’re less than ideal for clothes. Attics get too hot in the spring and summer, basements are too damp, and garages are dusty and prone to insects. The ideal spot for winter storage is a dark, dry, and relatively cool area. Closets work, as do spaces under the bed or even underneath stairwells. Wherever you store the clothes, make sure the area is freshly vacuumed and clean before you put anything there.

winter wear

  • Keeping clothes insect-free also requires covering them for the duration of storage. For clothes you’d like to hang, use wooden or plastic hangers and wrap them with clean white pillowcases or sheets so that the hangers don’t make permanent creases. Zip them up in thick plastic or canvas bags. Don’t use dry-cleaning bags; they’re too thin and can promote mold.

winter wear

  • Use cedar hangers when hanging your winter wear. Cedar keeps the moths away without the smell of mothballs. If you do not have cedar hangers, you can use cedar sachets. Line your closet with them or simply place one on the hanger with your coat. When storing your winter clothing for the season, you may also want to consider getting a garment bag to help keep lint, hair, dust and other particles from collecting on it.Stuff coat sleeves with acid-free paper to help prevent permanent creases from forming during the off-season.

winter wear

  • Sweaters and pants should go into plastic, wooden, or cloth boxes with lids. Lay them flat as often as possible to reduce wrinkles. If you put acid-free tissue paper or clean white cotton pillowcases between each article, it will help maintain clothes’ color. Place the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on top. If you’re using an airtight plastic bin, consider punching a few tiny holes in the lid to encourage air circulation. If the clothes aren’t able to breathe, they degrade more quickly and can develop mildew in the meantime.

winter wear

  • Mothballs and moth crystals are often recommended to avoid infestation, but they also release pesticides that can exacerbate human and pet health—the toxic vapors they release could actually melt the plastic in plastic bags if they’re put in a small enough area. Plus, they smell awful, and that smell’s not going anywhere unless you’re able to air out the clothes outside; dry cleaning won’t erase it. Instead, opt for little pouches of lavender or cedar chips inside the garment racks or storage boxes.

That wraps up my list of tips to preserve your winter wear. Do you have any tips that you would like to add? Let me know in the comments below. If you loved the winter wear featured in this post, be sure to check out StyleWe as well as just fashion now.

As a special bonus, if you want to get an early start on your summer body, check out Stylewe’s post on ‘Easy Workout and Healthy Diet Plan for Busy Moms.’