How to Choose The Right Sunglasses

Guide to sunglasses

How do you know which sunglasses you should buy?

For many of us, wearing glasses is something we have to do as part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s for driving, reading, or working on the computer everyone wears prescription glasses or contact lenses of some kind. So, just how should you choose the right style of glasses to suit your face?

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Your first job is to take a good look at your face shape. This will be the basis for your decision on what style of glasses to choose. The general types of face shape are; oval, heart, rectangle, square, round or diamond. Whatever shape you have, rest assured that there will be some sumptuous styles to choose from. Read on to find out which frames will best suit your face:


An oval shaped face has a rounded forehead and chin, making it the ‘ideal’ face shape. It is longer than it is wide, and the forehead will be a little wider than the jaw. This natural balance should be maintained by your choice of frames, so pick frames which are wider than or at least as wide as the widest part of your face.The widest part of your face could be your forehead or your cheek bones.


You have a heart shaped face if you have a broad forehead which tapers to a rounded, narrow chin. Ideally you will want to choose frames which balance your face’s contours by minimizing the width at the top of your face. Light materials, light colours and rimless frames will all work well.


Square faces have a strong, pronounced jaw coupled with a broad forehead, but the length and width are proportionately equal, unlike a rectangular face. Narrow frames which are wider than they are deep will help to soften the angles of the face, making it appear longer.


A round chin and circular shaped face requires frames which make it appear longer and narrower. This has the double effect of widening the eyes and of making the face appear to have more depth and definition. Wide, rectangular frames balance the face shape and achieve this effect.


Diamond shape faces are rare indeed, with a narrow jaw, wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead. Choose frames that bring attention to the eyes, with distinctive brow lines or special detailing. Oval shaped frames make a great alternative.

By following these tips, you should be able to choose a pair of glasses which suit your face and which make you feel fantastic. The main point to bear in mind is to choose frames which flatter your face by achieving a balanced overall effect.