Color Mixing- How to mix and block colors

Color Mixing:

Colors are fun to mix and match,  but a lot of times it is hard to choose the right shades that work together. Especially when it comes to clothing, color combinations are a huge factor.  The right color pairings can make an outfit stunning.  Badly matched colors will just ruin the entire outfit. Here is my “Guide to color mixing”.


You can easily use the wheel to make color combinations of your own. Try these tips to get you started:

1)  Colors directly next to each other  ( i.e. yellow and yellow-orange;  yellow and yellow-green;  violet and blue-violet,  etc.)

2)  Colors that form right  (90 degree)  angles with each other  ( i.e. yellow and red-orange;  blue and violet-red;  green and orange,  etc.)

3)  Colors directly across from each other  ( i.e. yellow and violet;  blue and orange;  red and green,  etc.)

4)  Colors that form a T  ( i.e. blue,  orange  and violet-red;  yellow, violet  and red-orange; yellow, blue-green  and red-orange, etc.)

5) Colors that form an X  ( i.e. blue, orange, violet-red, and yellow, violet, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)

While we are still on the topic of colors and how to mix them, let us also take a look at the ‘color blocking’ technique.

Color Blocking:

This is a great technique where you get to put your color mixing skills to the test. Here’s the basics of color blocking.  

Use Solids:

To create an eye catching, color blocked outfit  it is best to avoid prints. Now when I say prints,I mean very dense or bold prints. Really tiny prints or sparse prints on the other hand can add texture to a color blocked outfit. Also try to keep the detailing simple.The general tendency is to work with two colors at a time.


 Use Complementary Colors:

This is the general rule of thumb for beginners.

Use neutrals:

When just beginning or if you do not want very bold colors, use a neutral and any other color.

Use Accessories:

When it comes to color blocking an outfit, accessories are an absolute must. With the right belt or clutch, you can bring your entire look together. After choosing your color palette, select a few accessories to compliment the outfit. They can be one of the colors already in your palette, or an entirely new color that coordinates with what you’ve already chosen.

Vin’s Pro Tips:

  • Wear separates. This makes it easier to work with colors.
  • If you are still not confident with color blocking, buy single pieces which are already color blocked.
  • Always maintain color balance. This means that you need to make sure that the brightness of each color is balanced. Be careful with very bright shades.
  • If you do not want to use bold colors, try color blocking with neutral colors.

These are just pointers for beginners.  As you get used to the color wheel,  you can play around with more colors.  Get bolder with your choices.

Now you know what kind of colors to work with to create a more stunning image.