How to Get The Perfect Manicure Nails Everytime


Every woman should take care of her nails. It may seem like a tiny detail, but your nails can say a lot about you. Unkempt nails imply that the personal is sloppy and careless. This is not good.

How to get the perfect manicure nails everytime

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To give you a complete run through on nail care, I put together this mini guide for you.

Let’s start with the tools you will need to groom your nails.

Make A Manicure Kit

A manicure kit is lots of fun to put together. It can come in handy on those days when you can just kick back and relax.


  • Tool box, two layers and compartments. You can get it from a beauty or hardware store.
  • Metal foot file
  • Buffer
  • Metal cuticle pusher
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cream
  • Buffing block
  • Metal toe nail clipper
  • Metal nail clipper
  • Metal nail file
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Cotton buds
  • Cotton pads


(Tip: always buy metal tools so that you can sterilize them)

How to use the manicure tools:

 Nail Clippers

Toenails are normally tougher than finger nails, so you will need the larger toenail clippers for your feet and the smaller nail clippers for your fingers.

 Nail Scissors

A pair of nail scissors are also good to have on hand if you are trying to shape your nails or cut down your nails before filing. They provide more maneuverability than simple nail clippers.

Orange Stick

Orange sticks are used to gently push back the cuticles on your fingernails and toenails after they have been soaking. Be sure to wrap a small piece of cotton around it before using it however because you do not want to damage the cuticles.

Cuticle Clipper

A good set of cuticle clippers are a must-have in any manicure or pedicure kit. They help you easily clip away any hangnails or rugged cuticles. Be careful however not to cut too much. Start slowly.

Nail Files

There are normally two different types of nail files sold in regular drug stores. These are files that are just file, or files that are a file on one side and a buffer on the other. It’s probably better to just buy the file/buffer file so you can use either side when it warrants

Nail Brush

A nail brush should be used to help clean under and around your nails. If possible find a brush with natural boar or plastic bristles. The bristles should be firm enough to remove all dirt and debris, but shouldn’t be too harsh on the skin around your nails

Soaking Bowl

It is always a good idea to soak your hands and feet in water to soften the cuticles and make them easier to work with. Find a bowl that is large enough to at least be able to soak one foot at a time.

 Nail Polish Remover

You can find nail polish remover that is either scented or unscented, it all depends on your preference. Keep in mind however that nail polish remover that contains acetone can dry out and damage nails, so try and find one that is acetone free. You can also purchase a salon nail polish remover which is known to remove polish quickly and easily.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls will come in handy in various ways. You will need to use them to take off any old nail polish and to wrap around your orange sticks when pushing in cuticles. You can even use these in a pinch to separate your toes while giving yourself a pedicure if you do not have any toe separators handy.

Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream.

Cuticle oil and hand cream should be applied after you have groomed your cuticles and before putting on polish. Be sure however to remove any oil or cream that gets on your nails with a quick swipe of nail polish remover before putting on polish. This will help the polish stay better

Nail Polishes

Another good way to save some money is to simply pick up different color nail polishes when they are on sale. Buy yourself one or two colors you want to wear now and pick up more colors as you go along depending on your mood, the season or a specific function. Nail polishes are usually good for up to a year so you will have a nice collection of colors before you know it.

Clear Nail Polish/Nail Strengthener

You can decide to buy one of each of these or simply buy a clear polish that already is a strengthener saving you both time and money. Clear nail polish could be used over your polished nails to help the color last longer, or can even be used on unpolished nails to give them a neat, polished look.

Another good use of a clear nail polish/strengthener is for use under a darker nail polish base coat. Applying clear polish on your nails before applying dark polish will prevent staining of your nails.

Toe Separators

Toe Separators are a must-have for all pedicure kits. You can purchase either the smaller toe separators or the toe separating sandals depending on which is most comfortable for you. If you have a habit of walking around after completing a pedicure, the sandals might be worth investing in. You can usually find both of these in major drugstores.



Extra Pointers:


  • A squoval shape is the most flattering for many fingertips.” (Squoval = straight edge with somewhat oval corners.)
  •  Applying a cuticle oil to soften the cuticles, which makes pushing back the cuticles easier, filing nails to desired shape and applying cuticle oil to cuticles and sidewalls, which ultimately allows nails to grow longer since it’s strengthening the nails.

AVOID: Buffing the nail plate. Over-buffing weakens the nails and causes nails to split and break.


Which type of manicure is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.