How to Pick the Right Hat For Each Season

Hats are amazing accessories. Although, sometimes it can be hard to pick the perfect one. You want something stylish, but functional too. The best part about is that they can be worn in any season. Did you know that you can choose one to flatter your face shape?
Here are a few tips to help you out.

Hat shopping tips:


Wide brims and funky trinkets, that’s what summer is all about.

To choose a comfortable one, there are some points that you should keep in mind.
General pointers:
1) Material
Based on the occasion or weather, you can choose one of  the following materials.
  • natural – straw, raffia, cotton, hemp

Natural materials are best for summer.

2) Color
A helpful point to keep in mind , is that light colors are best for summer because they reflect the heat from the sun.

For your face shape:

Square Face

Floppy, curvy ones soften their rigid angles, giving them a feminine and flirty touch. Large and upturned brims also look  cute on you. If you want to elongate your face, make them sit high on your forehead, like berets and bowlers(like the one in the picture). This will give a smoother, more fluid shape to a boxy face.

Styling: Try to place it more on your forehead.

Oval Face

You can rock any style and still look good.

Styling: Pull it over your forehead and tilt it to the side.

Round Face

Round faces often look short and full. To counter this, go  tall and shallow, which will give your face length. You could also try slanted or peaked crowns to draw out your face. Additionally, look for brims that are wider than your face, to make it look narrower.

Styling: Slant it forward to give your face more angles.Try  a wide-brim panama with super chic shades.

Oblong Face

Got a long face? Avoid tall designs as they only make your face look longer. Go with  flared and wide brimmed ones.

Styling: Push the it down on your forehead to cover it up a bit, which makes your face look shorter.

Heart-Shaped Face

You need to counter balance a wide forehead and narrow chin. So, avoid wearing wide ones, which accentuate your forehead.

Go for a cloche or fedora.

Styling: It’s summer, it’s hot, so an updo is best. Just leave a few loose strands for a casual and cute look.

Angular cheek bones and thin jaw line:

A fedora hat will balance out the edges of your face for a look that’s both striking and flattering all at once. The fedora slims the face down, providing coverage for a wider forehead and accentuating the more geometric lower half.

Styling: Create the all famous beach wave hairdo and pop that fedora on top.


Winter Hats


Synthetic materials are great for winter. Try  nylon or polyester fabric.

Dark colors are the best for winter because they  absorb heat from the sun. This helps you stay warm.

Hat for your face shape:


Face Shape: Any

Styling: Top off long, loose waves with a beret.


Face Shape: Round face.
  A ponytail or chignon will go great with a fedora.Especially asymmetrical brims will help lessen the roundness of the face.


Face Shape: Round face.
Styling: The trilby, since it’s brim turns up and away from the face, is best for you. Big waves or a small chignon, when it comes to a trilby, your hair must be behind the ears.


Face Shape:  Square or heart-shaped faces.

Styling: Cloches are perfect for you. Keep your hair straight and simple with a cloche. A higher crown can offset a round face shape as well.

Furry Circle

Face Shape:  long face shapes.

Styling: Furry circles are big and bold. When worn straight up and pushed forward onto the forehead. This helps to make your face look balanced. Whether your hair is straight, curly or somewhere in between, wear your hair long and flowing down the back.

Slouch Hat

Face Shape: heart-shaped faces.
  letting your hair down when wearing a slouch hat.


Face Shape: round faces.
When wearing a newsboy cap, a side ponytail looks chic as these caps tend to have smaller brims.


Face Shape: round and oval faces.

Styling: This hat is simple, so let your hair go wild. Big waves set behind the ears, big hair works well with beanies.

After all this hat talk, I must warn you about the inevitable “hat hair”. The static caused by friction causes your hair to get messed up and stand on end. Here are some helpful tips to handle it.

To Prevent It: While commuting, twist your hair into a mini chignon, and secure with a few pins. When you arrive at your destination, take it off and shake your hair out. This will prevent frizz and give your hair better body. Basically keep your hair tied up if possible.

To Fix It: Carry a tiny bottle of hairspray for emergency fixes. Go in the bathroom, remove the hat and shake your hair upside down. Then brush a little hairspray through your hair to calm it.

I hope this post inspired you to add a hat to your wardrobe. Tell me which hat is your favorite in the comments below.

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