How to Style a Strapless Dress

The strapless dress is considered taboo by many women. Some feel that they are too expensive or will not stay in place. Well we have put together this guide to help any woman get over her unnecessary fear of these gorgeous dresses. I have collaborated with Fashionmia to give you these tips on styling strapless dresses.

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Fitting a strapless dress

Since this dress is strapless, it needs to fit you really well. Do not try to go a size small or a size large. if the dress is small, you will appear to spill out of it. On the other hand if the dress is too large, it will not stay in place.

strapless dress

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When selecting your dress, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be sure to check your measurements. Make sure to get it tightened in places where it may be loose or loosen it in places where it feels tight.
  • Always try on the dress in a fitting room and stretch up, bend over, twist, sit down, stand up and walk around the changing room with the dress on just to make sure the dress is really comfortable. If you will be dancing in the dress, do a mini dress rehearsal.
  • Examine the back and sides of the dress for unsightly bulges
  • Select a dress that fits your bust line well. The top of the strapless evening dress should be tight and form-fitting but not so snug that you feel like you are bursting out. The waist should be trim, but the bottom should be a bit looser to balance a tighter top.
  • It is recommended that you wear the same bra you plan to wear with the dress. 
  • The dress needs to stay up, not be too restrictive, offer a flattering silhouette without digging into the body, and feel comfortable as well as breathable.
  • If you are buying a long strapless evening gown, be sure to wear the right shoes to get an idea of the correct dress length that is required.

 Structure of the strapless dress

One of the most important aspects of finding that perfectly-fitted strapless dress is to ensure the dress has structure. A strapless dress should  keeps its shape even when hung in the wardrobe. Without structure, a strapless dress does not have any support to keep gravity from pulling it to the ground. This is why boning and waist support are important.


The bodice of the dress should have sufficient boning. Dress boning is a rigid strip of plastic that is flexible and supports your upper body shape. Boning in a strapless dress runs vertically from the waist to the top of the dress. The boning should support the front, back, and sides of the dress. Boning not only keeps the dress up, it also allows the dress to be shaped in a flattering way, and does not rely on a tight fit to keep it in place. A good quality strapless dress should have sufficient boning that does not dig into your waist or under your arm.

Waist Support

 Waist support can be built into the dress and is an extension of the boning that has been added to the dress. It can even be added as an accessory. A wide belt is a great way to provide support to a poorly-made strapless dress.


strapless dress

If you buy a bad quality strapless dress, your dress may  constantly slip or the color fades very soon. However, great quality dresses do not always have to be expensive. You can get cheap dressess which are also good quality. Keep these points in mind when shopping for your dress:

  • When looking for that perfect strapless dress, be sure to check out how well the dress is made, both on the inside and on the outside.
  •  The type of lining can significantly affect how the dress sits when worn. Lining needs to be breathable, comfortable, and sit smoothly against the body.
  •  Padding used around the tips of the boning must be soft on your skin, but sturdy enough to maintain it’s shape no matter what.
  • Some dresses also feature thin rubberized strips built into the lining at the top of the dress. These little strips sit against the bare skin and just add that extra support to the dress.

Choose the Right Bra

This is another major reason why most women do not like strapless dresses. What kind of bra do you wear?!

Okay, for those of you who are already familiar with strapless bras, the answer is pretty obvious. However, some strapless bras do not stay in place. Especially if you are out for a long time and begin to sweat, your bra may start slipping.

There are a few ways to fix this problem.

  • Select a strapless bra with silicone lining. This will stick to your skin and ensure that the bra stays in place.
  • Try to match the bra color with your dress color. If your dress is dark, wear a dark bra, if your dress is light ,wear a light colored bra.
  •  Look for a long-line strapless bra. This is a bra that extends down to the waist and provides more structure to prevent slippage. It can also help to contour your midriff for a better fit.
  • Choose a strapless bra that has supportive underwire and push-up features.
  •  A convertible bra will work well under a strapless evening dress as well and will give you adequate support.
  •  You may also want to wear shapewear under it that slims and smooths your stomach, backside, hips and thighs.
  • For added support, you may want to pin the bra to the inside of your dress to keep it in place. You may even want to invest in some double sided tape, which will hold your bra and dress in place. These can be found in sewing kits or craft stores.

Some of you may even feel a bra is not needed since the dress already has so much padding and structure. Do not wear this dress without a bra! Many clothing designers and manufacturers recommend wearing a bra with a strapless dress, no matter how much structure or boning the dress may already have.


Simple accessories are best with a strapless dress. Your most important accessory will be a necklace since your neck will be prominently displayed. Choose something elegant and tasteful.

You can choose an elegant single-strand pearl choker or a dramatic bib necklace, while enamel stones in bold colors like tangerine, magenta or turquoise works well for a cocktail party or dinner date. Even a simple pedant necklace can work well.

 You can even skip the necklace and wear big, bold earrings instead. Large hoops or striking chandelier earrings can help add some sparkle to a strapless dress.


Strapless dresses generally look best with heels. Slingbacks are an excellent choice to accentuate a strapless dress. You can even wear fancy heels with a short strapless dress for a glamorous look, and a long strapless dress benefits from gladiator sandals or lower heels.

 Transform Your Dress for Day Wear

strapless dress

You can get double duty out of your strapless dress by modifying it for day wear. Here’s how:

  • Simply pull a pretty knit top or a fitted jacket over your knee length dress to turn it into fashionable day wear.
  • Experiment with wraps you have in your closet to see what looks best with your particular dress. By adding a wrap, you can even wear a strapless dress to the office.
  • A denim jacket on top of your strapless dress will give you a casual look.
  • Throw on a scarf for a day out with your friends.
  • Cardigans are a great option too.
  • Pair a mini to just above the knee strapless dress with leggings.

Additional Pointers

  • Find one in an hourglass shape and avoid anything that looks too baggy or square.
  • A short strapless dress that hits above the knee is flattering on petite women, but long strapless dresses are flattering on many women. These can make you look glamorous and tall.
  • If you have a large chest, choose a dress with stretchy, durable fabric and consider a strapless dress with a ruffle or other coverage on the neckline so you don’t reveal too much.

That is everything you need to know about strapless dresses. See more beautiful cheap dresses here.