Leopard Print Peplum Review


Hello everyone! I recently got a beautiful leopard printed peplum top from my sponsor, Rosewholesale. It is perfect for the modern girl who loves a touch of sophistication. To show you how gorgeous the Leopard Print Peplum top looks, I put together this elegant outfit. The photos were taken by my best friend, Amrit.


Leopard Print Peplum Review

Name of top as mentioned at Rosewholesale:

Sophisticated Style Long Sleeves Scoop Neck High Elasticity Cotton T-Shirt For Women

Cost:$ 8.30

(They take care of the shipping, so I did not have to pay the shipping charges. However they have given detailed info about shipping charges here.)

First impressions:
This top is made with a blend of cotton and polyester, so it is flexible and comfortable to wear. I love the puffy sleeves. The sleeves are long, but I find it more comfortable when pulled up to elbow length.  When I pulled the sleeves, the material did not bunch up but pleated neatly instead.

For this outfit, I paired the peplum top with a fitted black miniskirt and black leggings. I chose to keep the outfit stylish and elegant for these photos. However, a peplum top can easily be styled to look casual for a day out or even dressy for a party with friends.

For a casual look: Pair the top with skinny jeans and ballet flats.

For a party look: Pair the top with a shimmery miniskirt and strappy heels.

I accessorized with a four-tier gemstone choker (necklace), raindrop earrings and a large buckled velvet belt.  The belt adds to the beauty of this top as it creates a visual border where the pleats begin.

As for footwear I settled for a pair of platform heels with golden straps. This helps to bring out the color of the peplum top. A trendy pair of pumps or flats will work well too.

 I kept the makeup simple with lipstick in a rosy pink and a thin line of jet black eyeliner to keep the look stylish without being gaudy.

For a casual look: Keep the eyeliner simple, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes, use lip gloss or chapstick for your lips.

For a party look: Do a smokey eye or cat eye. You could even wear a bright fun color lipstick. Just remember, highlight one part of your face, either your eyes or your lips, but never both at once.

 I hope you all  liked the photos.This top gets my stamp of approval for it’s classy look.  If you like the peplum top I wore in this photo shoot, you can find one just like it right here.

Rosewholesale has awesome clothes at amazingly low prices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look great. 🙂

Before you go, I have a question for you, would you like me to write a post on styling a peplum top? Give your verdict in the comments below.