How to Choose The Perfect Little Black Dress

The LBD ( Little Black Dress) is definitely a staple in every woman’s closet. When in doubt, the LBD saves the day. It’s perfect for any occasion and can easily be accessorized for any event. There’s just one catch. You need to pick the perfect one if you want to cast a spell on those around you and make them go ‘wow!’.

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Choose a classic cut

Choose a style that is timeless. These will never go out of style and can be worn for years to come. In other words choose a simpe cut and minimal detail. Remember, although the full form of LBD is ‘Little’ black dress, below knee length dresses do qualify as LBDs. There is often confusion regarding this.

Choose the perfect little black dress fabric

Look for subtle, rich fabrics like wool or silk. Be cautious of satin, tulle, fringe or other look-at-me fabrics (except, a deliberately vintage look).

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Wool Creepe:

Holds it’s shape well and is ideal for structured pieces.

Avoid woolen materials with short fibres escaping the weave. Though they are soft, they pill quickly and look cheap.

Mid-weight Cottonss:

These are best for shirt dresses and warm weather pieces. Look for tight weaves, these keep their shape after a few washes.

Light weight Silks and Cotton:

These are best suited for diaphaneous silhoutes. The fabric should lie tightly in your hand and have a smooth, not stiff surface.

Find the right silhouette for your shape

What works best for you? A fuller skirt or a pencil skirt? A deep V neckline or a bateau? Apply these same principles to the shape of your LBD.

Hourglass figure: Try a belted shirtdress that shows off your shape or a wrap dress that adjusts to your curves.

Avoid baggy or tent styles that hang from your widest part, obscuring your form.

Pear shaped: Take the emphasis off of your lower body by selecting a dress with an A-line skirt that floats over your hips, or look for a design with a ruched or draped bodice that gives the illusion of a fuller torso.

Avoid bias-cut or jersey dresses that cling to your lower half.

Apple shape: Hide your tummy with a trapeze-style shift that skims over your center. Consider going with a shorter tunic style dress that shows off your slim legs.

Avoid anything belted or form-fitting.

Rectangle figure: Play up your spare shape with an ultra-simple mod shift or a drop-waist ’20s look.

Avoid any style with fitted cups or a structured bodice that you can’t fill out.

If you’re busty: Balance your upper assets with a ’50s-inspired dress with a nipped-in waist and a neckline that hits just below your collarbones.

Avoid a mono-boob-creating turtleneck or a plunging V-neck.

Choose the appropriate length


No matter what your body type or age, the most versatile hemline is right at the knee.


The ultra short skirts are for the very young and should be worn only for evening events. Skirts falling anywhere between the mid-thigh and the knee can be worn by any age group. Assuming you have good legs.

Below the knee

A mid calf hemline is best worn with a slit at the side or back to allow free movement.

It’s all in the details:

Stitching and fastenings:

  • Check along the seams for even stitches that will hold their shape.
  • Test zippers to ensure that they run smoothly and lie flat.
  • Make sure that buttons are firmly sewn down.


  • A sheath or structured dress should be lined in a breathable fabric.
  • The lining should not be so thick that it compromises the structure of the dress.

If you do not already own an LBD, what are you waiting for? It is essential for your closet. Tell me about your favorite LBD in the comments below.