Makeup Kit Basics: How to Put Together a Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit

Today I will talk about putting together a makeup kit. I’m not talking about a professional kit, but a simple one with items that work best for you. It should be a kit that is customized just for you.

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The Case

Makeup kit
Smythson Mara Makeup Case

First you need to decide on the type of case you will use. Based on how much or how little makeup you like to use, choose a case that will protect your products and is convenient to carry.

      • You could opt for an elegant  pouch  with few compartments. This is great for the minimalist.
      • You could even select a sturdy plastic case with pre-designed partitions. This is ideal for the girl with products for every occasion.
      • If you obsess over makeup, you may even consider getting a professional box.  A professional box is made of high quality material to house the collection.
      • Keep a collection of brushes for eyes, lips and face in zip cases or brush rolls.

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 The Tools


For more details on makeup brushes and how to use them, go here.

When selecting brushes it helps to remember that natural bristles are mostly for powder based cosmetics while synthetic bristles are for cream based products.

Cotton pads/wads

      • Good quality cotton rounds that don’t leave fuzz are great for skincare, removing makeup and softening excess color.
      • Q-tip swabs are very handy for blending out eyeliner, correcting errors and for touch ups.

Eyebrow Brush

makeup kit

 Benefit angled eyebrow brush & spoolie

It’s a good idea to keep an eyebrow brush to help neaten up your eyebrows.



makeup kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Precision Tweezers
Tweezers are great for applying false lashes and shaping your eyebrows.
Powder Puffs
makeup kit
Trish McEvoy Professional Powder Puff
Powder puffs cover more surface area on your face, help absorb oils, and create a shine-free, pore-less looking finish. These are great for setting makeup and can help with keeping your hands off your face during application.
Eyelash curler
makeup kit
Bobbi Brown Women’s Eyelash Curler
An eyelash curler is an easy way to open up the eyes and make them appear brighter and wider.
This is especially good if you already have long lashes but just want to shape them a little. You cold also give your false lashes an extra curl using them.

Makeup removers

makeup kit
Clé de Peau Beauté Women’s Cotton Pads
        • Latex free foam sponges
        •  cotton pads
        • makeup remover wipes

Prepping items

makeup kit
NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer
          • soap-free cleanser
          •  alcohol-free toner
          • moisturizer for your skin type.
          •  hydrating lip balm
          •  quality primer

All product must be hypo-allergenic and perfume free to minimize potential irritation for sensitive skin types.

The Makeup


makeup kit

NARS Immaculate Concealer

Keep a concealer in your makeup kit to clean up smudges, mistakes—or to help make even the tiniest lips look pouty and full.

They are available as

      • Cream or opaque-liquid formulas
      • Gel based formulas
      • Roll-ons


Givenchy PHENOMEN’EYES Waterproof Panoramic Mascara

makeup kit

Givenchy PHENOMEN’EYES Waterproof Panoramic Mascara

          • Black: It’s the most basic and popular lash product. Waterproof ones are best for long lasting results.
          • Brown: It is an amazing option for blonde or fair-haired wearers. Brown is also creates a beautiful balance on bottom lashes when you want the focus on a dramatic top lash.
          • Clear: This can be used to hold brows in place as well as add some curl and dimension to natural lashes. A clear mascara is a must-have, multipurpose tool.



Foundation perfects the skin to create the right base canvas and hides imperfections. It comes in two bases:

          • Liquid foundations can give layers of coverage and be mixed with moisturizer as a thinner.
          • Cream foundations can hide skin pigmentation issues, dark circles and even tattoos


Finishing powders in the basics of light, medium and dark can help set makeup or be used as a base  to reduce shine.


For those with a pink or red skin tone, red-based bronzers work well as a natural flush color. They can also improve the look of a natural suntan as it starts to grey out and fade. Yellow-based bronzers are the ultimate product for adding a glow to the face.


A few basic blush colors are peach, pink, plum and coral.


A finely milled powder has more pigment which shows the color better and will last longer especially when used with an eye primer.

          •  Cream shadows are great for humidity and layering
          • Powder shadows have a small amount of filler that feels dry to the touch.
          • Matte
          • Shimmer
          • Glitter

Eye pencils

          •  There is  a variety of the basics in matte finishes with some in waterproof formulas to start with.
          • Liquid liner or pen for greater control.
          • Gel liners with a slanted brush.

Brow filler

Then a brow filler for helping clients with thin brows in ash and medium browns.

Gloss, Plumpers and Stains

          •  a Pink, Red or Brown
          • Coordinating lip pencils
          •  A clear gloss can give any lip look depth and a pouty shine.


Highlighters are meant to be used to open the face up and bring a feature forward or make it look larger.

      • Pressed
      • Loose
      •  Translucent
      •  Talc
      • Mineral
      •  Silica

All about colors:

 Highlighting Palettes

A highlighting palette made up of lighter shades and base shadows is an absolute must-have. These tend to have lighter colors.

Contouring Palettes

Next, to build in shape and definition, think about a contouring palette. These tend to have darker colors.

The Color Palettes

Once you have your fundamentals for shape and form, let your creative side come into play by building your color palettes.These can be warm palettes or cool palettes. 

 The Texture Palettes

You will also need a texture palette.

  •  Frosted eye shadow
  • Metallic eye shadows

Fake Lashes

Falsies come in three materials: human hair, animal hair, and synthetic fiber. (The latter was overlooked in the past, but the latest crop of synthetic lashes are completely believable.) There are four basic types of lashes available.
There are four basic types of lashes:
  • Strip:

    A standard, one-piece faux lash attached to a band that comes in a variety of lengths and styles.
  • Individual

Single faux lashes, attached separately; each mimics one individual hair.

  • “Clump” or “Cluster”

A small clump of individual lashes bound together, usually in a V shape, to give more volume.

  • Extensions

Individual tips that are applied to give the illusion of a real lash, but just longer.

Now you know how to select your makeup bag and what to put in it. A makeup kit is never complete. The products you use can change over time and the number of products you use can increase or decrease. Most importantly whatever you use must suit your skin and look best on you. Do not follow a makeup trend just because it is the latest thing. Your makeup should  work for you.
Here’s a question for you; If you could use only one beauty product from now on, what would it be?

Let me know in the comments below.