Makeup Kit Basics: How to Put Together a Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit Hello darlings! Today I will talk about putting together a makeup kit. I’m not talking about a professional kit, but a simple one with items that work best for you. It should be a kit that is customized just for you. See also: Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Application The Case First you […]

How to Get The Perfect Manicure Nails Everytime

  Every woman should take care of her nails. It may seem like a tiny detail, but your nails can say a lot about you. Unkempt nails imply that the personal is sloppy and careless. This is not good. How to get the perfect manicure nails everytime See also: Firmoo Makeup Tricks for Girls With Glasses […]

Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Application

brushes Brushes:   The application of makeup is an art. It takes skill and technique to get it right. That is why a person who is skilled at applying makeup is called a ‘makeup artist’. They use the face as their canvas. Now every girl has tried to apply her own makeup, but some without […]

How to Choose The Right Lipstick Color And Make It Last

  Sometimes lipstick does not last as long as you would like it to. You have to keep re applying it. Here are my top ways to ensure the color lasts longer. Lipstick Lock- Seal the color in: 1) Apply concealer or foundation to lips with finger or brush.  This acts as a primer.( You […]