Minimalist-Bridal Trend 2017

This season’s bridal fashion week put a spotlight on the bride’s beauty. Sometimes all the frills and bows can end up overshadowing the bride on her big day. So take a cue from the ramp and go the minimalist route. All the attention must be on you, so be sure to pick your accessories wisely.

I have collaborated with to bring you this bridal trend styling guide. has an amazing collection of bridal gowns at the lowest rates. You can view more of their collection here günstige schwarze ballkleider 

If you need some inspiration for a minimalist bridal gown, check out this gorgeous dress:

sommer auch alle größen trompete / meerjungfrau gericht pick - ups elegante und luxuriöse garten / outdoor - hochzeitskleid new south, minimalist

How to make the trend work for you:

  • Select luxurious materials.
  • Ensure that the fit of the dress is perfect, visit the tailor as many times as you need to.
  • Select a single piece of statement jewelry. This could be a necklace with plenty of precious or semi-precious gems or a pair of chandelier earrings. You could even wear a brooch that is a family heirloom and has been passed down through generations. You can wear jewelry with multicolored stones. Just make sure that the jewelry enhances your beauty and does not overshadow it.
  • Your shoes can add a bit of sparkle, so go for glittery or jeweled heels. If you prefer ballet flats, be sure to opt for one with good quality fabric.
  • The veil can be a simple, long netted piece or it can be a shorter piece.
  • You can wear gloves to add a more regal vibe.

I hope that this post helped you to pick out your perfect wedding gown. Let me know in the comments how you styled your minimalist wedding gown. If you have any other queries related to wedding attire, you can ask me in the comments below.



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