Solar Powered Mobile Purse


Solar panels come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. The average size of a solar panel is 65 inches by 39 inches. For the purpose of this product, the solar cell has been reduced to the smallest size possible. Bearing in mind that the average mobile phone requires 10v of electricity in order to charge. The solar panel is just large enough to accommodate 2 cells that generate 5 v of energy each. The final size of the panel is 10 inches by 5 inches.

For the purpose of this product, heavy duty wiring has been replaced with a usb connection, so that any mobile charger can be used, regardless of the mobile phone brand.

In order to ensure that the panel is durable and light weight, a thin layer of polyethylene has been added to protect the solar panel without affecting the charging abilities of the panel. A solar panel is generally fitted with water proof sealants and thick glass which would make it too heavy for the product.

The components used in a solar panel consist of Array DC Disconnect, Inverter, Battery Pack, Power Meter, Utility Meter, Kilowatt Meter, Backup Generator, Breaker Panel, AC Panel, Circuit Breaker Panel and Charge Controller. For the purpose of this product, only the basic components have been used, these are the Array DC Disconnect, Inverter, Breaker Panel, AC Panel, Circuit Breaker Panel and Charge Controller.

Collection Type: Wedding Collection


To design and develop a method of using solar energy to reduce stress on the power grid.


  • To combine textiles and technology to conserve electricity.
  • To create an eco-friendly solution for power generation.
  • To create a portable charger.

Need of the Study:

The National Power Grid generates electricity for the country but it requires the use of non-renewable energy sources to fuel it. Thus we require a solution that utilises renewable energy to provide electricity.


  • Product testing has been limited to the Indian Sub-continent alone.
  • Solar panels are a little slower than regular chargers.
  • During cloudy or rainy days, the solar panel can charge at only 10% of its usual capacity.
  • The prototype was created on a student budget, so although an attempt was made to provide solar energy storage for future use, the components were not small enough and made the product bulky.
Battery to convert solar energy to electric energy and store it for future use.


Accessories & Trims

  • Buttons
  • Jewelled strap
  • Swivel Hook
  • OHP Sheet
  • Solar Panel
  • Ribbons
  • Beads
  • Sequins


  • Gaberdine
  • Cotton
  • Lining
  • Interlining


Construction of Solar panel:

  • A polyvinyl base is used.
  • On the surface of this base, the solar panel is cut into a hexagonal shape and heated at the edges. Then it is attached to the base.
  • A thin coating of polyethylene is added to protect the solar panel.
  • The coating is allowed to dry.
  • For the circuit at the back of the panel, the required components such as Array DC Disconnect, Inverter, Breaker Panel, AC Panel, Circuit Breaker Panel and Charge Controller are soldered to a circuit board.
Circuit Connections in the Solar Panel
  • The usb connection is provided to the right edge of the circuit board.
  • The finished circuit board is now soldered onto the back of the panel.
  • A polyvinyl case is attached over the circuit to protect it from damage.

Construction of Envelope Purse:

For the purse, the design is inspired by envelope purses. There are two flaps that open to reveal a pocket for the phone. 

  • Required pattern pieces are marked and cut from the lining, interlining and base fabrics.
  • The required design element is attached to the front flap of the base fabric, using the appliqué method.
  • First the interlining is sandwiched between the base fabric and lining fabric and all three layers are stitched together.
  • Now the components of the purse such as top flap, base flap, main pouch and coin pouch are stitched together.
  • Necessary trims such as the jewelled strap, swivel hook and buttons are added.
  • The solar panel is placed in the pocket with the OHP sheet as a protective cover.

Additional Features:

  • There are additional pockets for items such as credit/debit cards, driver’s license, money etc.
  • The usb connection is easily accessible and allows the user to plug in any usb charger for any mobile phone brand. 
  • A small loop is provided with a hook, so that the handbag can be clipped on to a larger bag or hung from a window grill.


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