Vin’s Lookbook- Styling App (free)

App Style consists of three components:

  1. Know yourself
  2. Accept yourself
  3. Love yourself

First you need to know yourself. Your flaws and perfections.

Then you need to accept yourself as you are. This will help you select clothing that looks good on you and not the model in the magazine.

Finally love yourself. When you love yourself, your confidence shines and charms everyone.

This is what Vin’s Lookbook the Styling App is here to do.


  1. It analyzes your body type and skintone.
  2. It creates a fact card for future reference.
  3. It links you to resources, right here on Vin’s Lookbook, that help you learn how to dress for your body type.
  4. It organizes your closet for you.
  5. It helps you save time by suggesting outfits based on the weather in your region.

You can download the Vin’s Lookbook Styling App. It is absolutely free and does not contain ads:

This app is in the beta phase, join the beta community and give us your opinion