What to Wear to a Wedding as the Mother of the Bride

Mother of the bride

Mother of the bride It’s your daughter’s special day and you can’t believe that the baby you once held in your arms is now ready to start her own family. As the mother of the bride, you need to look gorgeous too.

I have collaborated with Dresswe.com to bring you the ultimate guide to look like the elegant mother of the bride.

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In this guide you will learn how to choose the dress that best suits your body type and skin tone as the mother of the bride. We will discuss materials and seasons. With this guide you will be ready to shine on your little girls special day.

First we will start with body types.

Body types:

Hourglass Figure

  • Wrap style dresses
  • Mermaid style dresses
  • Belted waistlines
  • A-line
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
A-line, wrap style belted gown.
wedding,mother of the bride, dresswe.com
Mermaid/Trumpet style dress.

Pear Figure

  • A-line dresses
  • Off-the-shoulder necklines
  • Drop waist
  • Empire
  • Surplus bodice


wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
A-line, off shoulder and surplus bodice dress.


wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Empire waist dress.

Apple Figure

  • Scoop neck
  • Belted waist
  • Drop waist
  • A-line
  • Empire
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Scoop neck, belted, a-line dress.
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Drop waist dress.

Rectangle Figure

  • cowl neckline
  • Sheath dresses
  • A-line 
  • Empire
  • Trumpet skirt
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Cowl neck, empire waist, sheath dress.
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Trumpet skirt dress

Plus size:

  •  Layered skirt
  • Diagonal cuts
  • Full skirt
  • V-necklines
  • Ruching 
  • Sweetheart necklines 
  • Trumpet skirts
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
V-neck, layered, trumpet skirt dress.
wedding,mother of the bride
Sweetheart, full skirt dress.

Most flattering style for any body type:

  • Scooped neck
  • Padded shoulders
  • Gathered waist 
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Scoop neck, gathered waist dress.


If the bride chooses to wear white, avoid wearing the same color, if the bride choses not towear the traditional white color, then wear a color that compliments her dress.

When choosing the color of your dress, be sure to keep in mind your skintone. If you are not sure what your skintone is, check here.

Quick Fixes:

Thick waist:

  • Soft diagonal ruching
  • Pleating at the waist
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Pleated at the waist.


  •  One-shoulder gown
  •   Asymmetrical neckline
wedding,mother of the bride.dresswe.com
One shoulder dress.

Thick arms:

  • Stoles
  • Jackets
  • Blazers
  • Long gloves



  • Straight sheath
  • A-line skirt
  • Strapless
  • Off-the- shoulder
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Strapless sheath dress


  • Full skirts
  • Portrait collars
  •   V-necklines
  • Asymmetrical necklines
  • Ruched bodices
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
V-neck ruched bodice dress.


  • Full skirts
  • Mermaid skirts
  • One-shoulder gowns
wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
One shoulder, mermaid dress.


Additional advice:

Feel like you are two different sizes at the bottom and top?

Focus on getting a comfortable fit for your largest area first and then alter the rest of your dress to fit the smallest area. Opt for a two piece or mock two piece outfit. We have discussed it below.

Planning to go on a diet just before the wedding?

If you plan to go on a diet before the wedding, buy the dress only after your goal weight has been achieved. If you buy the dress first and for some reason do not achive your goal weight before the wedding, you will have a lot of trouble altering your dress.


Let’s talk about the best materials for your dress based on body type and on season.

Body type:

Plus size:

  •  Net
  • Jersey
  • Chiffon

Petite women

  • Chiffon
  • Stretch net
  • Jersey
  • Taffeta


Summer/Spring wedding:

  • Crepe
  • Chiffon
  • Cotton
  • Organza


  • Silks
  • Satins

Winter/Autumn Wedding:

  •  Polyester
  • Polyester mix
  • Wools 
  • Jersey stretch

Ideal Styles:

As a mature woman, you must exude grace and charm. The there are three dress styles that can help you do this. I have discussed them below.


wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
One piece dress

This one is great an informal or afternoon wedding. Select a dress which is tea length and dress it up with fancy pumps. In most photographs, your dress will be visible from the waist up, so look for bodice details to draw attention up to your gorgeous face.


wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Jacket dress

Nothing beats the elegance of a jacket and this style suites all body types. Perfect! With this style, if you feel that it is too hot to be wearing a jacket, you can always remove it and show off the lovely dress under it.


wedding,mother of the bride,dresswe.com
Mock two piece dress.

If you have a tummy region that you want to conceal, then this is the ideal option for you. It can also help you create an even silhoutte.

Do’s and Dont’s

1. Don’t forget whose day it is.

You have always guided your daughter throughout her life, but her wedding day should be just the way she pictured it. Try not to dictate everything she does unless she asks for your help. Allow her to choose the color scheme and type of occassion, formal or otherwise.


2. Do stick to the wedding theme.

Your daughter, the bride, has painstackingly selected a color scheme as well as a tone. Don’t let her efforts go in vain. Adhere to the theme and dress code for your little girl’s special day. You can still wear an outfit that reflects your beauty and charm, a personal touch is acceptable for any occassion. Also do not try to wear the same color as the bridesmaid, you must stand out from the rest of the wedding guests but let the bride grab the spotlight.

3. Do take care not to dress in a competitive manner.

Yes, this is a very special day and as the proud mother, you want to look your best. This can somtimes make you look as though you are competing with the bride and that is not a good thing. In this case it is best to let the happiness on your face tell people that this is a special day for you. At the same time you must not end up under dressing for the occassion. Remember, dress demure not depressed.


4. Co-ordinate outfits with the mother of the groom.

When selecting your dress, you may choose to shop with the mother of the groom. This is a great time for the two of you to bond. If you do not wish to shop together, it is common courtesy to atleast give the mother of the groom a call to let her know what the wedding theme and dress code are.

This will avoid any accidental ‘twin moments’ where you and the mother of the groom end up wearing the same outfit.

5. Do pay attention to hair and accessories.

When it comes to hairdos nothing beats a classic updo with gem hair accessories or even fresh flowers. This exudes sophistication which is exactly the look you should be going for. You could even choose to wear a veiled hat rather than the usual barretes.

Gloves are optional and can be selected depending on the season. A fancy pair of heels will complete your outfit and can be worn again for other events. A matching clutch is another good addition to your ensamble and can carry the tissues that you will need to dry your tears of joy.

That covers everything you need to know. I hope that you enjoy the wedding. 🙂

If you have any queries or suggestions, be sure to tell me in the comments.

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