Yellow – Bridal Fashion Trend 2017

This bridal season is about breaking traditions. Well with the clothing anyway. If you want to creating a truly lasting impression on the groom and the guests, dazzle them all with a yellow gown.

I have collaborated with to show you some of the best examples of yellow wedding gowns.
yellowThis simple yet elegant gown creates a daffodil effect at the bottom with a double layered skirt. It is perfect for the bride who is minimalistic and does not prefer extravagant frilly details. Pair it with lovely yellow veil and carry a red rose bouquet with you. You could even pair it with silk or lace gloves in a yellow hue.


This is the yellow version of the classic lace wedding gown. It has all the same appeal of a classic wedding gown but with a fresh new twist. Try a shorter, modern veil and pair it with long earrings in gold. Emerald jewelry will look striking against the yellow shade of this gown.

yellowThis gown is perfect for the bride who likes to show off her back. Try to wear a back necklace, that is a chain that cascades down the back rather than the front. Opt for a short or medium veil length. An updo will go well with this gown. Then wear long chandelier style earrings. A necklace is not needed, but you can go for a choker if you really want to wear a necklace.

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I would love to know what your favorite style of wedding dress is. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.


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