GPS Handbag

Type: Highschool Prototype Development Project.

Category: Wearables Project

Description: A gps enabled handbag to track lost or stolen handbags. The gps module can be sewn into the bag. An android app is used to track the location of the bag.

Applications: Women’s Handbags and Children’s school backpacks.

This is an idea I had back when I was 13, so it was the year 2007. I wanted to create a solution that could ensure women’s safety. That’s when I thought of the “GPS Handbag”. Then in 2013 I have updated the idea and brought it to life. Here’s how I did it.


gps handbag circuit

Components Used:

1) Adafruit GPS FLORA board.

2) Adafruit GPS Module.

3) Coin Cell Battery.

4) Conductive thread.

Android Application:

gps handbag app

Software Used:


2)Python 3.7

Python Code:

Handbag Design:

gps handbag structure

The handbag itself is an envelope clutch, adorned with delicate embroidery.

Prototype designed and created by Vinita Silaparasetty.

The afore mentioned hardware components are sewn into the interior of the handbag to minimize the chances of tampering.


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