Virtual Reality Headset

Applicant Name: Vinita Silaparasetty

Patent ID: 307907

Patent Type: Design Patent

Patent Status: Patent Pending

Date of Application: 20-07-2018

Category: Technology

Sub-Category: Wearables

Product Description:

A headset with an additional, adjustable, visor which functions as the virtual reality component.

Product Highlights:

Can be used like a regular set of headphones by putting the visor up. Then when required, the visor can be pulled down over the eyes and it will function like a virtual reality headset.

Product Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Dual Purpose

Use Cases:

  • Gaming/Recreation
  • Pilot Training
  • Military Training
  • Medical Training
  • Classroom Teaching Aid

VR Headset – Patent Pending

How is the Lightweight VR Headset Different from the average VR Headset?

The components in the average VR Headset are congested and not evenly spaced out. Hence they are heavy and bulky.

The lightweight VR headset aims to distribute the components of the average VR Headset, so that the weight of the components is distributed and does not put stress on a single region of the wearer’s head.

The diagram above depicts the basic components in a VR Headset. My design takes on the form of a headset that would normally be used for listening to music, but with the advantage of a visor which can be worn over the eyes when in use or pushed back over the band of the headset, when not in use.

The Visor consists of a full length lens for a more immersive experience. The dial to adjust the display is present on the ends of the visor.

The headset itself consists of the earphones and remaining circuitry necessary for the headset.


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