Virtual Reality Headset

Applicant Name: Vinita Silaparasetty Patent ID: 307907 Patent Type: Design Patent Patent Status: Patent Pending Date of Application: 20-07-2018 Category: Technology Sub-Category: Wearables Product Description: A headset with an additional, adjustable, visor which functions as the virtual reality component. Product Highlights: Can be used like a regular set of headphones by putting the visor up. […]

GPS Handbag

Type: Highschool Prototype Development Project. Category: Wearables Project Description: A gps enabled handbag to track lost or stolen handbags. The gps module can be sewn into the bag. An android app is used to track the location of the bag. Applications: Women’s Handbags and Children’s school backpacks. This is an idea I had back when […]

Motion Sensing Couture

Theme Name: Titania Inspiration: Titania the forest fairy queen from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Technology Used: Adafruit Wearable Motion Sensors Category: Avante Garde Description: LED sequins are sewn into the flower petals of the bodice and a motion sensor is sewn inside the dress. When in motion, the LEDs light up creating a sparkling effect. In […]

Bluetooth Earrings – Unobtrusive Wearables

Age Invented: 14 years Category: Wearables Product Description: Delicate earrings with in-built bluetooth functionality. The blue button at the centre connects the earrings to a mobile phone. Product Highlights: Unobtrusive design and powerful bluetooth connectivity. Product Benefits: Lightweight Stylish Multi Purpose Use Cases: Can be used as earphones. Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to answer […]